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Gilmandyke Sale Information

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2017 Feature Spring Bull Lots

Gilmandyke Lots Lot 1 | Reality L229 | EBV Link
A quality bull to start this year’s sale. We used Reality L229 over heifers last Spring. We have retained some semen for in herd use and he carries our highest recommendation. Reality L229 has a superb nature and stands on perfect feet.
Gilmandyke Lots Lot 2 | Jackpot L262 | EBV Link
Another great Jackpot bull here. Flush brother to Lot 3 L262 has a slightly bigger frame score but still possesses the spring of rib and depth of flank so important for finishing ability. He has a strong sires head with a well hooded eye. This strength carries right the way through him. A fault free calf, well worth your consideration.
Gilmandyke Lots Lot 3 | Jackpot L253 | EBV Link
Jackpot L253 combines two very pre-potent cow families, Prue and the New Zealand bred X2. We really like this bull. We used him to cover our AI on the “K” cows last Spring. Semen retained for in herd use. Jackpot L253 has a gentle disposition, stands on excellent feet and is as long as a train. This bull would be right at home in with your “front paddock females”.
Gilmandyke Lots Lot 6 | Hercules L283 | EBV Link
Hercules L283 is a son of the $70,000 sale topper Millah Murrah Hercules H250. Just like his dad, he has power to spare. These commercially focussed bulls are just what the industry demands – thickness, ability to cover and weight for age. A really good young bull that has been consistently ticked by visitors inspecting the sale bulls.
Gilmandyke Lots Lot 7 | Theo L144 | EBV Link
Theo L144 is a really well put together bull. He is very cleanly made through his shoulder with extra extension through his front end. We love the extra rib shape in this bull. A very easy doing type that could be very versatile in his use from joining heifers to breeding replacement females. This young bull will fit right into any program.
Gilmandyke Lots Lot 8 | Theo L143 | EBV Link
Theo L143 is from a first calf heifer Sired by the proven calving ease sire Booroomooka Theo T30. Theo L143 has a well laid in shoulder and is structurally correct. This young bull should be suitable for heifers. Top 10% for gestation length and Rib fat. Theo L143 is a very balanced young bull.
Gilmandyke Lots Lot 24 | Reality L269 | EBV Link
Reality L269 is a smooth made, deceptively thick bull. His half brother topped our Autumn sale at $16,000. The Matauri Reality progeny have been well received here with sons averaging $10,300 at our Autumn sale. The Reality progeny have been impressive and this quality bull has inherited these commercial traits in spades. From his clean front, through his depth of body to the expression through his hindquarter this bull will stand a strong inspection.
Gilmandyke Lots Lot 25 | Theo L445 | EBV Link
Wow, what a gutsy bull. This is the bull to improve depth of body and doing ability. We love the type of this calf, broad muzzle, hooded eye and unprecedented spring of rib. He is also very quiet. He is from the Eva cow family one of our very best cow lines.
Gilmandyke Lots Lot 26 | Complement L387 | EBV Link
Compliment L387 is a long bodied sound son of EF Compliment which have been very popular in recent times. L387 has a very balanced set of EBV’s with no less than 6 traits in the top 20% of the breed. He is also a +20 on milk. This young bull consistently catches our eye when we are looking over the sale bulls. If you are after a true all rounder that will excel in all applications you may have found your lot.
Gilmandyke Lots Lot 27 | Equator L316 | EBV Link
Equator L316 is an impressive bull. He is made just how we like them, thick, soft, long and strong, packaged into a mobile and structurally sound individual. We love his strong outlook. He represents everything we have come to expect from the curve bending sire D78.
Gilmandyke Lots Lot 29 | Hercules L467 | EBV Link
A lovely square hipped deep flanked Hercules son. This bull has a fair bit of style and potential to him. We love the way this bull can combine structural integrity and ease of fleshing. He is typical of the bulls we offer that can perform off grass.
Gilmandyke Lots Lot 30 | Highlander L245 | EBV Link
This bull is an absolute pleasureto have in this year’s sale draft. He is so gentle in his nature. He is also very thick and has a really nice amount of bone under him. He is sired by Millah Murrah Highlander G7 who always puts lovely strong headed progeny on the ground. His birth weight EBV suggests that he would calve to heifers successfully. We have had very good results when using G7 on heifers.
Gilmandyke Lots Lot 31 | Theo L152 | EBV Link
Theo L152 is a big bodied, deep sided bull. L152 will produce calves that have maximum weight for age and will also produce clean fronted, maternally sound replacement females. He is the classic “wedge shape” and has an EBV graph that has most traits on the right hand side. Top 5% scrotal EBV.
Gilmandyke Lots Lot 43 | Up River L494 | EBV Link
A big robust bull here. Have a look at the length of body he has. If you need to increase weight for age this powerful beef bull will deliver. Top 5% 200, 400 & 600 day growth. He is also in the top 5% for carcase weight EBV’s.
Gilmandyke Lots Lot 44 | Reserve L517 | EBV Link
Reserve L517 has a very quiet nature like all of our VAR Reserve progeny. He is an ET son of Gilmandyke Eva E125 who has 29 registered progeny here. This young bull is tremendously long from hip to pin. A cleanly made bull with excellent testicles and is in the top 5% of the Angus breed for retail yield.
Gilmandyke Lots Lot 47 | Hercules L465 | EBV Link
Another powerful son of H250 here. He really stamps them with a strong head, wide topline and a powerful hindquarter. The combination of muscle and softness makes this bull a valuable addition to any commercial cow herd.

Autumn 2017 Sale Heifers being sold

Our Stud facilities include a purpose built Complex on property at ‘Kangaroobie’. It’s here Gilmandyke Angus holds their bull and stud female sale.

The well appointed facility includes bathrooms for the comfort of attendees and a kitchen to cater for light refreshments and our famous sale day steak and sausage sandwiches.

General Enquiries

The team at Gilmandyke Angus are always happy to talk to you about our herd and will arrange an appointment for inspection.

Contact us to talk to one of the team. We have Angus Stud Bulls and Females available as well as a substantial commercial herd available for inspection.

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