The Land – Gilmandyke ave $8030

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Gilmandyke Angus stud’s priority to produce commercially viable cattle was vindicated at the annual spring bull sale at Orange last Thursday when 47 buyers from South Australia and NSW paid to $13,500 for 50 of 51 bulls sold at auction to average $8030.

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Gilmandyke stud principal, Belinda Bateman, stud managers Kristie and Gavin O’Brien, auctioneer, Michael Glasser, and Todd Clements, Bowyer and Livermore with the $13,500 top-priced bull, Gilmandyke Complement L0387.

Sale topper was the 24-month-old Gilmandyke Complement L0387 by the US sire, EF Complement 8088, purchased by Laureldale Farming, “Laureldale”, Tarana.

This 832 kilogram bull showing an eye muscle area (EMA) of 118 square centimetres is from the Millah Murrah Equator D78 sired Gilmandyke Jedda H0121 and had a scrotal circumference of 42cm and a rump fat cover of 18 and rib fat cover of 11 plus a marbling factor of 6.2 per cent.

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Gilmandyke stud adviser, Jack Newham, with stud principal, Belinda Bateman, and stud manager, Gavin O’Brien, inspect the bulls at the spring bull sale.

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This 832 kilogram bull showing an eye muscle area (EMA) of 118 square centimetres is from the Millah Murrah Equator D78 sired Gilmandyke Jedda H0121 and had a scrotal circumference of 42cm and a rump fat cover of 18 and rib fat cover of 11 plus a marbling factor of 6.2 per cent.

Two bulls sold for second top price of $13,000 each with the Matam Investments, Northbridge, buying the 810kg Gilmandyke Reality L0229 by the New Zealand sire Matauri Reality 839 with an EMA of 120cm2 and scrotal circumference of 41.5cm, while the Beldon Pastoral Company, “Beldon”, Coonabarabran, secured Gilmandyke Theo L0152 by Booroomooka Theo T030 weighing 852kg with an EMA of 118cm2.

Colin Flanagan, Granite Ridge Angus, Kingston, SA, purchased two bulls for $12,000 and $10,000 respectively with the top being an 872kg son of Millah Murrah Jackpot J137 and the other by Millah Murrah Equator D78.

Mr Flanagan said he had been watching the Gilmandyke program for some time.

“We had already inspected the bulls prior to the sale and are very happy with them. We came to buy one and ended up buying two,” he said.

“I believe structure is one of the most important features, they are good skinned cattle and we like their breeding.

“These bulls will run with our spring cows this year within our herd of 450 stud breeders.”

Gilmandyke stud manager, Gavin O’Brien, said the sale was really strong considering how dry it was.

“We have had really positive comments on the bulls and it is great to see the larger commercial buyers willing to operate with our genetics,” he said.

“It gives you confidence that you are doing the right thing. We seem to be going in the right direction.”

The sale attracted many return buyers estimated to be at least 60pc of the buying force with the remainder of bulls selling to new clients.

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Inspections prior to the spring bull sale which attracted 47 buyers from two states and cleared 50 bulls for an average of $8030.

Mr O’Brien said the sale average was up by just under $3000 on this year’s autumn sale.

“This is a big step up when you are selling over 80 bulls for an average over $8500 in the year which shows a lot of confidence in our bulls.”

Sale auctioneer, Michael Glasser of GTSM, Patrice Vale, Victoria, said the sale was very solid.

“We had good continued support from the same people who support the program,” he said.

“The stock here are as genuine as the day is long and we have watched them come a long way in the past five or so years.”

Volume buyer, Rob Hall, “Fileton”, Canyonleigh, purchased a draft of seven bulls for an average of $7786 while paying to $10,000 for the Matauri Reality 839 son, Gilmandyke Reality L0269, weighing 760kg with an EMA of 123cm2. Two of his other purchases were at $7500 and another at $8500.

Mr Hall said he was chasing heifer bulls to get his female herd going again.

“I like the Gilmandyke bulls, I know the background of the stud and have used them before. They will go straight in with our young heifers.”

The Wannan family of “Frog Hollow”, Shadforth, paid $11,500 for the 856kg Gilmandyke Highlander L0305 by Millah Murrah Highlander G7 with a 127cm2 EMA and 40cm scrotal circumference.

Another at $11,000 was the 870kg Gilmandyke Theo L0140 by Booroomooka Theo T030, purchased by the Neiberding family, “Uliman”, Coonabrabran.

Buyer of three bulls averaging $4167 was the Emmagool Pastoral Company, “Ierne”, Dubbo.

Gilmandyke stud adviser and long standing staffer, Jack Newham, said the sale went well with a good average.

“We are breeding cattle which are functional, easy doing, with good growth that will do the job for purchasers,” he said.

“We are not largely focused on numbers but have been concentrating on phenotype although numbers are still important.”

The sale was conducted by Glasser Total Sales Management with Michael Glasser taking control of the bids.