Gilmandyke Generational Female Lines

Emillesque U6

  • Bred multiple stud bulls retained for in herd use
  • Grand dam of J0284 who is currently a donor and now has three daughters and one granddaughter in the donor program
  • In the current program here at Gilmandyke we have in the donor pen Q75 an incredible daughter out of M401 (a reality daughter), showing huge potential. Q75 is a granddaughter of J284 breeding the house down at the moment with 3 daughters in the current donor programs. Making Q75 a fourth-generation female from our foundational Emillesque line in U6. She has one of the most exciting 38 Special heifer calves in the spring 2021 drop too. The proof is in the pedigree.

Eutesca W131

  • Currently has 10 active females in the herd,
  • Consistently has multiple bulls in the annual sale and has 6 bulls currently walking in the commercial herd sire battery.
  • Continues to see her days out at Kangaroobie at age 20
  • Has produced multiple donor females J0161, K0382, P38.

Dream Y301

  • The dream cow family has been introduced into the Gilmandyke herd over the past 5 years, with several embryos purchased from the former premier angus stud of Mangoplah.
  • These embryos were picked out basing decisions from dominant cows within that herd coupled with new and exciting siring genetics at the time.
  • Cows that are making an incredible impact in the herd now are N314, P187, P5, and P189 along with 2 stud sires that have been retained P167 and P182

Bara K15

  • Another outcome of the premier angus herd embryo purchase. A cow line that is fundamentally industry perfect.
  • ASHK15 sold in 2020 for 50k to KO Angus
  • We have 4 Bara females, 2 of which are extremely productive donor cows P14 and P24. The latest stud sire we have retained for our program was P24’s first calf as heifer. EUDR10
Bara K15

Gilmandyke Current high use female lines

Emillesque, EUDP85

  • P85 has been included in recent donor programs, selected for her sheer body capacity and do ability.
  • Following the birth of her first calf as a heifer, she was flushed to Prime Minister, ET calves currently being weaned have all the positive traits P85 brings to the equation with the added carcass performance, early growth and sheer scale that Prime Minister boasts.
  • Following on from generations, EUDJ0343 has been a fantastic addition to the donor pen in recent years. She is a female that has crossed incredibly well with Dunoon Prime Minister P758. The progeny of this cross has some very exciting merit to them and most definitely look the part

Bara, EUDP24

  • This powerfully made young female has hit the mark at Gilmandyke.
  • Her first calf EUDR10 has been retained for stud and commercial use and has been used over 500+ cows. We think very highly of him.
  • Soundness, capacity, and femininity all contribute to the power that P24 has on the Gilmandyke herd in the coming years.
  • Embryo calves hitting the ground in the Autumn of 2022 are looking every bit as exciting of having P24 in our paddock.
  • P24’s full flush sister P14 is also becoming a very consistent breeder, having bred two very well received bulls. And she looks just as attractive as P24.

Eutesca, HO241

  • H0241 joined the donor program in 2019 after we were wrapped up in the quality of her calf Q101 in the Spring. He went on to top our 2021 sale at $30 000.
  • She is everything you can ask for in a female and more. Huge capacity, stretch on body and incredibly powerful.
  • In the 2021 calf crop she has worked very well with Prime Minister P758 which I am most excited about. The beast Mode crosses have some serious muscle about them too.
  • H241 has rejoined our donor program again in 2022because we simply can’t get enough of her.

Eutesca, JO161

  • J0161 is the cow I think of when I hear the term “front paddock cow”.
  • She is a NMMD78 daughter out of a Narrangulen foundational cow NARW131, Tremendous volume and adequate frame, as sound as you can ask for and breeds the absolute house down.
  • She has been a regular inclusion in multiple donor programs along with her Dam, full sister and daughter after daughter.
  • J0161 is ever so reliable for be what we call a “Bull breeder”. She packs so much punch and growth that her sons are consistently leading the pack for growth and performance.

Eva, LO272

  • L0272 is a cow that I pulled into the donor pen after her autumn born calf in 2020. I think she offers a huge amount of potential, not only breeding great sound bulls with plenty to offer but as well as producing females that you can’t fault.
  • She is a Reality daughter out of EVA H14 who is also a repeated contender in the donor programs.
  • She is a female that eases the broodiness and motherly traits that are often forgotten about in angus cattle today.
  • Three of her daughters are active females within the herd and are certainly proving their worth. It makes me incredibly proud to continually find L272 and H14 in the pedigrees of stand out females and bulls in our program.

Emillesque, M414

  • The second Emillesque family line is expressed through these next 3 standout females. I am always told not to pick favorites but here we are…
  • M414 is a daughter of EUDJ0284, along with another three J0284 daughters and 2 granddaughters they find themselves in the donor pen more often than not.
  • She is a cow that packs a serious amount of muscle and doing ability all within a very attractive set of EBV’s. She is a cow that I consistently place so much confidence in to produce highly functional strong, sound bulls while still maintaining all the foundational traits that I touch on when looking for that perfect female.
  • Keep an eye out for her spring born 38 Special bull calf in our upcoming sales. He is a good one!  
  • Her full flush sister M401 has taken us by storm here in the last 2 years. Incredibly stylish female with a presence that screams productivity and functionality. She has been flushing extremely well and has gone back in calf naturally to EUDR10 to calve in the spring of 2022.
  • Progeny of M401 will include a new sire that we have added to our battery. Stirling Pacific 904. Initially this bull made it onto our radar purely on growth performance data out of the US. His maternal and paternal pedigree attracted us immensely, followed by his impressive phenotype and great hoof structure. He became a sire that we could not refuse to use.

Commercial Females