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2018 Spring Bull Sale

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2018 Feature Spring Bull Lots

Gilmandyke Lots Lot 2 | Guardian M271 | EBV Link
A powerhouse bull here. Guardian M271 kicks off an exceptional run of J12 sons in this years sale. He is so strong from his head to his hindquarter. These J12 sons have the udder quality genetics stacked into their pedigrees so are very capable of breeding your replacement females.
Gilmandyke Lots Lot 3 | Guardian M307 | EBV Link
Soft as butter with extreme depth of body. M307 has been a standout since his arrival. His dam is one of the best breeding D78 daughters in the country. She goes back to the grand old New Zealand bred X2 who left such a positive influence on our herd. Combined with J12’s predictability we are very proud to offer this versatile sire to you.


Gilmandyke Lots Lot 4 | Klooney M244 | EBV Link
A big robust son of Millah Murrah Klooney. He is a really heavy carcase bull with superb length of body. He is the sort of bull that would stamp his strength on a breeding program regardless of cow type.
Gilmandyke Lots Lot 10 | Guardian M369 | EBV Link
M369 is almost Euro muscle patterned when you get behind him you can really appreciate the power he has. WOW these J12’s continue to click so well with our cow herd. Great feet, super long, a bull we really think has the traits needed to increase production and strengthen bottom lines.


Gilmandyke Lots Lot 12 | Klooney M371 | EBV Link
M371 has extra bone. Have a look at the carcase and muscle expression this young bull has. M371 has a very gentle nature and will suit a range of target markets.
Gilmandyke Lots Lot 13 | Theo M336 | EBV Link
An upstanding, easy fleshing son of the predictable Booroomooka Theo T30 here. A bull that has the length from his nose to his tail. He is so strong across the hips and is gentle in his nature. He is a low birth, high milk bull that would breed replacement females with ease.


Gilmandyke Lots Lot 17 | Up River M386 | EBV Link
Big time curve bender. M386 is such a phenotypically appealing bull. He has sire presence, balance, meat, clean front and birth to growth EBV’s that would really compliment a progressive breeding herd. A very versatile bull that will fit a large range of breeding applications.
Gilmandyke Lots Lot 33 | Highvale M615 | EBV Link
Highvale is one of the younger bulls in this year’s draft. He has some of the best cow families backing him. C43 is still here, sound as a belle. This bulls has inherited this soundness and also has width of body. He has great feet and we believe he has a lot to offer. He combines predictable and proven genetics from Millah Murra hand Narrangullen and should be a very consistent breeding bull.


Gilmandyke Lots Lot 6 | Hallmark M334 | EBV Link
Gilmandyke Lots Lot 9 | Guardian M310 | EBV Link


Gilmandyke Lots Lot 18 | Kingdom M482 | EBV Link
Gilmandyke Lots Lot 22 | Klooney M179 | EBV Link


Gilmandyke Lots Lot 25 | Forbiabull M402 | EBV Link
Gilmandyke Lots Lot 32 | Highvale M610 | EBV Link