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2018 Autumn Bull Sale

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2018 Feature Autumn Bull Lots

Gilmandyke Lots Lot 1 | Reality M163 | EBV Link
Top 5% calving ease direct & calving ease daughters, Top 10% rib and rump fat and scrotal size. A great calving ease Sire to start the sale. Reality M163 would be one of
the best sons of the Champion Sire Matauri Reality that we have bred to date. Have a good look at this young sire. He is super long and has meat right through him, coupled with great feet and legs.
Gilmandyke Lots Lot 3 | Guardian M261 | EBV Link
We are very excited to offer this Premier Guardian J12 son to you. We have gone back and purchased our 3rd semen share in J12 on the strength of his progeny. We have also flushed his full sister. Guardian M261 combines the breeding traits we look for. Strong head, above average growth, great disposition and more depth of body. We really rate this bull and that why he holds prime position in the sales.


Gilmandyke Lots Lot 4 | Klooney M405 | EBV Link
What a way to introduce Klooney to you all. Millah Murrah Klooney made $80,000 at Auction and is gaining momentum for his breeding power. M405 has been a stand out from day
one. So much depth of body, sire appeal, presence and probably as sound foot structure that you will find in the marketplace. M405 has been the crowd favourite with all who have
toured the bulls. With such a strong list of cows backing this bull we think he has plenty to offer all enterprises.
Gilmandyke Lots Lot 5 | Generation M418 | EBV Link
Generation M418 is out of a slashing cow. Eloxa J146 would hold her own in the show ring, such a long powerful quality cow that has become an important donor cow here. Only the cream of 800 cows get to wear the crown of “Donor Cow” here. M418 has all the length and quality of his mum and has a gentle disposition. A bull that is a very versatile individual.


Gilmandyke Lots Lot 12 | Kingdom M153 | EBV Link
Sired by the record breaking Millah Murrah Kingdom who sold for $150,000. M153 is a beautifully balanced bull. Look at the strength from his head to his hindquarter. G272 is a donor cow here, so this represents our top end genetics from over 3,000 females here at Gilmandyke. If your looking for a bull to breed replacement females this guy will deliver.
Gilmandyke Lots Lot 16 | Guardian M303 | EBV Link
Another big strong J12 son here. When we inspected J12’s mother we were super impressed with her feet and she has one of the best udders I’ve seen on an Angus cow. She is out of the world- renowned Vermont Dream Y301 who has nothing left to prove in regard to her breeding history. We are looking forward to offering the Premier Guardian progeny to you. So supple in the skin, and excess length of body. The J12 calves were at the top end of our weaning weights consistently last year.


Gilmandyke Lots Lot 2 | Compliment M268 | EBV Link
Gilmandyke Lots Lot 7 | Reality M202 | EBV Link


Gilmandyke Lots Lot 10 | Guardian M292 | EBV Link
Gilmandyke Lots Lot 11 | Innovation M410 | EBV Link


Gilmandyke Lots Lot 14 | Kingdom M158 | EBV Link
Gilmandyke Lots 19 | Guardian M468 | EBV Link


Autumn 2017 Sale Heifers being sold

Our Stud facilities include a purpose built Complex on property at ‘Kangaroobie’. It’s here Gilmandyke Angus holds their bull and stud female sale.

The well appointed facility includes bathrooms for the comfort of attendees and a kitchen to cater for light refreshments and our famous sale day steak and sausage sandwiches.

General Enquiries

The team at Gilmandyke Angus are always happy to talk to you about our herd and will arrange an appointment for inspection.

Contact us to talk to one of the team. We have Angus Stud Bulls and Females available as well as a substantial commercial herd available for inspection.

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