2024 Annual Bull Sale

1:00pm, Thursday 22nd August

120 bulls and an elite line up of commercial females.

The perfect balance of maternal strength and commercial performance

At Gilmandyke we believe the longevity of Australian Agriculture lies in the combination of advanced genetics with modern sustainable land use practices, producing world leading food and fibre. This is achieved through strong leadership and advanced management of our assets.

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Dunoon Prime Minister P758

Revolutionising the Angus Breed with High-Impact Genetics

The exceptional Dunoon Prime Minister P758, a remarkable $140,000 sire is revolutionising the Angus breed. As a high-impact sire, P758’s 12-month-old progeny consistently impress Angus breeders with their influence, power and structure. 

We have joined Dunoon Prime Minister to over 400 commercial cows and the raw data shows outstanding results. The calves exhibit easy birthing, heavy weaning weights superior weight gains as a group. 

Notably, in a 60-day weight bracket, P758’s commercial calves average a remarkable 22 kg gain, surpassing the average of all other sires within their contemporary group. Consequently, their market value positions them $136 ahead of their competition.

Due to the program’s resounding success, Dunoon Prime Minister P758 will be utilised for the third consecutive year in commercial and stud programs.

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Our Sires

Gilmandyke Revolution R10

Gilmandyke Pioneer P182

Gilmandyke Phoenix P167

Gilmandyke Pioneer S9

Lawsons Rocky R4010

Gilmandyke Shotgun S36

Sterling Pacific 904

Baldridge 38 Special

Special combines performance with calving ease, soft skinned and maternal strength make him an exciting new prospect

Millwillah Krakartoa K92

One of the best structured bulls we have come across, Krakatoa has brought carcase and calving ease

Dunoon Prime Minister P758

Purchased in partnership, from the great Japara cow family, a standout bull with impeccable phenotype and numbers to match

Nampara Liberty L21

Depth and capacity Liberty was used to bring some power into his progeny

Musgrave 316 Stunner

Stunner is a surprise package of carcase strength and calving ease

Matauri Reality 839

Combination of calving ease, structure and maternal lines. Reality is one of the greats.

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